The Art of Naz

Artistic activities


The art of Naz is mostly a combination of mixed textures and different painting techniques. The artist creates contemporary art, mostly free work but as well commissioned based work. A painting with a personal touch, or a special size is possible to order. Naz likes to paint murals. Special gifts for business clients are also possible to order. All paintings are ready to hang. For the drawings lists can be recomended and ordered by Naz.

Something old Something new

Naz is intrigued by old furnishure. "I always loved everything what is old. The idea of something surving for generations gives me a positive feeling. The world is changing and so dynamic but the old subjects and buildings are silent survivors and there to stay. Old furniture can be passed on from generation to generation, to people known or unknown. But the old and the past does not always match in our modern interiors. I love to make a piece of modern art of these objects and give them compatibility. I compare these old furnitures with people. The organs of people stay the same but the outside changes through haircuts and clothes which are timerelated". Naz will be happy to make your special object a piece of modern art or art for now!


From time to time everyone has creative impulses. It is nice to be able to give form to this impulses. Just for once or maybe for a longer time. Naz is giving workshops for groups or idividual persons. If you are interested just contact her and share some time with Naz, brushes and canvas to let out the creative spirit which is in all of us. A nice time combined with some artistic lessons will give you in the end of the day a smile on your face and a painting under your arm to go home with.

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