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15 Septembre 2013

I am in Cadaques! My maestro Josep Puigmarti told me often about the summers he spent here. So in the end I got so curious I decided to visit Cadaques and here I am. Special about Cadaques is that Many notable Spanish artists spent time here. One of the most famous of these artists is Dali, who had his house nearby in Port lligat. Josep told me how he was often present at the parties of Gala and Dali in the garden of their house. The handsome looks of Josep (he was a model in Paris) intrigued Gala and was for Dali a guarantee that pretty girls would be present too. The stories of Josep may have inspired me to visit Cadaques but the town it self is one big source of inspiration. The place feels truly special, not just because many memories and stories of Josep lay here (which I am writing a book about) but also the awareness that every step and breath I take is maybe one that many great ones took too. Lorca, Miro, Duchamp, Picasso, my own maestro Puigmarti and so many more, they were here. The vibe in Cadaques can be called almost evidence that spirits of people keep existing when the body leaves this world. True spirit has been given to this village by all the artist who once where here. I am planning to spent tomorrow the day on the little beach before the house of Dali. I will look at the sea and enjoy the view which Dali captured frequently in paintings. And maybe for just a tiny moment I will close my eyes and pretent I am Gala who is bathing in the sun while Dali is painting her from his window. But not for too long beceause I don't want to miss a thing!


26 August 2013
New painting

Most of the time I just go with the flow and paint whatever comes up in my mind and comes out of my hand. But as a perfectionist sometimes I can't appreciate my impulses. So what to do?? Well, I have to adjust and adjust till I like what I see. After this painting my mind went back to my study days when I learned that a fake painting of the great masters are often recognized by this process. The original pieces often have pre adjustment lines and the fake ones don't. I hope you enjoy this painting with many adjustments Goldfish . Ciao! Goodbye! güle güle und aufwiedersehen!

My work is now online
01 July 2013
By popular demand we decided to go live with our website as from the beginning of june 2013. I hope people keep revisiting as the site takes shape and fall in love with my work. I do hate those content management systems, though!

Freedom of birds
15 June 2013
During the spell of summer weather I was lying in the grass watching the sky. Again I was struck by the fleeting lives of the birds. Returning home I started work on a painting inspired by the lives of birds. They share a nest for a while and then they fly away together or separate. Will their heart be broken when they loose track of each other. You can see the painting Birds in my gallery.

Yippee! Sold another painting
02 June 2013
I'm so proud that the appreciation for my paintings is growing. Mondial colors just found a loving home. From the revenues I will by new painting supplies. First I'm gonna spend some on a celebration dinner!